Filmstationen A/S – organisation and administration


Filmstationen A/S is owned by Anders Engelbrecht and Thomas Kristensen, both of whom have vast experience from the Danish film industry. Anders is CEO and owner of Spekta A/S and Thomas is CEO and owner of Lysudlejningen ApS and Kameraudlejningen ApS. The daily management , development, operation, and rental of equipment is taken care of by a dynamic team, whose offices are located in the former administration building in hangar 6 placed in the center of Filmtorvet.
Thomas Kristensen, CEO
Sidsel Galatius, studio manager
+ 45 71 74 12 05
Kasper Vesth, project manager
+ 45 27 82 21 55
Karin Debring, accountant
+45 20 94 55 73
Please send invoices to:
Anders Engelbrecht
Thomas Kristensen
Susanne Kirsten Larsen
Erik B. Lyngsøe